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"How did we get past this beauty! There are some really lovely elements to this. The innocence and emotional tenderness in your vocals are sweet and charming. Can't wait to hear more from you xx -Claire Mooney Triple J Presenter

"RHEA continues to bounce from strength to strength, crafting engaging music, with yet another smooth, sun-dappled, lovelorn synth-pop jewel." -Jimmy Russel Triple J

"What an amazing song! What an amazing voice! Rhea you truely are an epic artist...Keep Singing your songs, writing your music and sharing it with the world" -Tara Anderton Author

"Absolutely love this, chill vibes / 10 will definitely have this on repeat!"- DJ Joshnic

"Ahh this song transports me! The composition leaves you feeling inspired, with the warm and fuzzies. It's like you can hear her soul through the song. I really love this song, and found myself grooving while listening to it. It'll definitely be on repeat." -Anna East Actress

"‘Mr Maybe’, is Rhea’s follow-up, also produced by Scotty French. It’s an ambient and sparse pop offering from the Gold Coast lady, which will be right at home on summer playlists." -Samantha Morris Blank GC Editor